Mission Statement

The mission of Linday Medicare Services Enterprises Ltd is to be the leading nursing staff solution provider for Health and Social Care staff in United Kingdom. Our aim is to make a contribution towards easing staffing problems in Hospitals, Nursing Homes, Mental Health Units and the community by providing a professional, quality, and cost effective service with a caring and humane touch. The Company aims to provide unrivaled, fair advice and quality services that is of benefit to people looking to improve their lives. Linday Medicare Services is committed to continual development of working practices and procedures to ensure all services are up-to-date and of benefit to all concerned. We recruit and retain the most highly qualified and experienced staff using a rigorous selection procedure. We also aim to develop staff skills to their highest potential through regular skills updates, induction and appraisals.


Our Values

Dignity And Respect

The uniqueness and intrinsic value of our clients is acknowledged and each person is treated with respect.


Clients have as much control as possible over their lives whilst being protected against unreasonable risks.


Nursing and healthcare

Home Care Service

Live In Care

Elderly care

End of life care

Supported Living


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